How to play

Sedrion EU

Currently running Beyond Reality 2.2.8a


Install the launcher


Go to and download the launcher.


Follow the instructions on their site on how to install and run the launcher.


Run the launcher and click the "Packs" button and find the "Beyond Reality" modpack.


Click "New Instance", and chose "2.2.8a" as your version.


Click Install. In the next window click "Select Recommended" and then "Install"


After a while, you will have the modpack installed under "Instances". Just go there and press play.


When your inside Minecraft, select multiplayer.


Click "Add server".


Server Name can be whatever you want to call the server for example "Sedrion EU"

Server Address is ""


You will not be able to join the server until you have been whitelisted. Use the application to the left and wait for an email.




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