Rules and Info

Sedrion EU

Currently running Beyond Reality 2.2.8a



The plan is to keep the server small and casual. First stop will be at 10-15 whitelisted players. And then open up for some more when there is "room".


The server is paid for, for a couple of months. But I will extend it if i keep finding it fun to play and the direction the server is heading.


Provider of the server is Fragnet and the location of it is in Stockholm, Sweden.


Rules of the server.


1. Be polite, act mature.

2. Do not spoil the game experience for other players

3. Use common sense, if you think you'r doing something wrong. You probably are.

4. Enough is enough, when people say 'No' it means ... No.

5. Abusing bugs, config errors, etc. for gains or grief is not allowed. Report your findings to admin, so they can fix configs etc.

6. Try to keep "lagcreating" activities to a minimum, especially when there are more people then you online.

7. Have fun



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